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What Luscious Bracelet is Skyler wearing? by Ann

What luscious bracelet does Anna Gunn's colorful character Skyler White wear in AMC’s Breaking Bad?   Why she's wearing two of the Flinging Arrows on her one wrist.  Liquid Metal stocks them in sizes to fit everyone.  What else would adorn the wrist of a bookkeeper, mother of a teenage son with cerebral palsy and a newborn when her husband's a meth producer?  BTW, she doesn't begin wearing them until the 3rd season. 

If you're experiencing some confusion here, it's because a customer sent us a screen shot of her and we originally thought she was wearing two Diamond Stream.  I rented the series and when the 3rd season finally came to me, I saw that, in fact it's the Flinging Arrows that add that lovely spark to her personality!

This article was published on Thursday 30 June, 2011.
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